Gestapo Agents Intimidate Ed & Elaine Supporters

In case you haven’t heard, gestapo agents (US Marshals and Treasury Department agents) have been going around, in multiple states (including the state near which your humble correspondent lives), searching for Ed & Elaine supporters, questioning them, AND threatening them with arrest, subpoenas, and similar things. Most of this has occurred in New Hampshire, where members of the Free State Project have been particularly targeted for harassment and intimidation. It is well-documented in the forums of

Two plainclothes US Marshals came to my parents place of business, looking for me, supposedly “just to talk.” My parents asked, “well, why would he want to talk to you?” and received the usual “well, does he have something to hide?” Nazi response. They asked if I paid taxes, and then if my parents paid taxes too!! Since when do the US Marshals work for the IRS as tax investigators? They also made some reference to the “militia movement” and “threats” that had allegedly been made against them or other gestapo agents.


I was not aware that the FEDS were sending their agents around to intimidate Brown supporters. They have not come to visit me yet but I would not mind having a chat with them in regard to the facts in the case of the Browns and their unjust arrest.

Of course given that I am already under satellite tracking 24 hours a day as an NSA satellite prisoner mind control target the FEDS are already well aware of what I think of them, and how much I respect Constitutional Ranger Edward Brown and Dr. Elaine Brown for their courage and attempt to expose the IRS Federal Reserve Bank fraud orchestrated for us by the US Congress in 1913 who were outwitted by the Jeckyl Island 7.

I also noticed that the Union Leader is slanting the story regarding the Browns in the FEDS favor, and the following post that I left was not included.

New Hampshire’s Union Leader Attempts To Mislead The Public Regarding The Wrongful Arrest Of Ed And Elaine Brown
I was just at the Union Leader Website and could not help but notice the number of anti Brown posts which followed the article on their arrest. Almost every post was attacking the Browns instead of discussing the facts behind their unlawful arrests.

It was as if the FEDS had positioned themselves or their own provocateurs on this message board to support their criminal and unAmerican actions just like they do with the rest of the US mainstream media, who are still supposed to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone shooter in the Kennedy Assasination.

These people don’t care about the truth or the facts. What they instead attempt to do is to take their treasonous lies and promulgate them nationally in the hope that the American people will believe them.

The posters who’ve attacked the Browns are at the very least extremely ignorant in regard to the tax situation in this country and in the worst case government provocateurs looking to propagate the US Federal Government’s lies in the case of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds. These people are fascists who are masquerading as law enforcement.

I posted the following information in regard to the Browns, however my post did not appear on the Union Leader’s Website. And unless it does so, I will be forced to conclude the Union Leader is deliberately looking to obfuscate the facts regarding the wrongful conviction on tax evasion of Constitutional Ranger Edward Brown and his wife Dr. Elaine Brown.

First and foremost, there is NO LAW which requires the average American to pay a tax on their wages. The Supreme Court made the final decision on this in 1897 and it has never changed.

Furthermore, both the 16th Amendment as well as the Federal Reserve Act were never properly ratified and are thus unconstitutional.

In 1913 the Supreme Court ruled that the 16th Amendment conferred no new powers of taxation on the US Congress, yet Congress went ahead and allowed for the creation of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and its BAGMAN Internal Revenue Service — The IRS is not part of the US Federal Government but an appendage of the Federal Reserve, which is also a privately held company — not part of the US Federal Government.

To date, there have been several IRS agents who have resigned because they realized that there is no law authorizing the IRS to impose a tax on the wages of the American worker. Former Agents Sherry Peale Jackson and Joe Bannister are two of these agents.

There have also been at least 25 Americans who have been exonerated of income tax evasion because the juries in their cases could find no law authorizing the IRS to impose such a tax.

Last year alone, 78 million Americans refused to file an income tax return and millions of Americans have now contacted the IRS and US Congress challenging the income tax on the grounds that it is not legal nor constitutional.

A tax revolt in this country is now

I haven’t seen any men in black at my doorstep just yet but in the event they decide to come and have a conversation with me then i will just remind them of the fact that under case law, labor is not deemed as taxable. Under US v. Monsanto labor isn’t taxable. Start learning and reciting case law when these agents decide to come by and intimidate those who stand with ed and elaine. I just wonder how exactly they’re getting information on us.

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