Stephen Monier Claims Ed Brown Is at Elkton

Anonymous writes “Stephen Monier claims Edward Lewis Brown is at Elkton Federal Correctional Institution, Elkton, Ohio.…
Shaun adds: I have called the prison in Elkton, and they do claim they have Ed, and that he came in at 11:30 AM on Wednesday, Oct 10th.
Another member adds:

There is a report that Edward Brown has been delivered to some prison in Ohio. I have just come from checking with BOP ……..Bureau of Prisons and he still does not show up.

Monier continuing with his unabashed and shameless self promotion in the press, has declared peoples fears that Ed is in some black hole somewhere as ludicrous.

Marshal Monier, I recommend that you read what happened to Congressman Hanson when he dared question the federal income tax. Kindly try to understand most compassionate peoples are truly concerned.

Your posturing is inappropriate and unacceptable, to these people especially during such a sad, time. I for one know, that nothing would ever allow me to enforce a non-law against my fellow country men and women. Your denial of ever doing anything against the Constitution falls flat, sir.

All of you marshals know it is a non law, and yet you went right ahead and arrested them. I guess nothing changes in the world of psychopaths. We all understand that all too well.”

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