I Will Not Be Kept Silent, by Reno

So sorry about taking so long to blog again, but hey, I think you can understand why…
The Secret Service asked me if I would be updating my blog (the day I was arrested) I explained that it would be updated, but not by me; but now I can. By the way, they wanted to know if I was planning to kill the president, I told them, “the President is an idiot.” at which point I was cut off by one of the agents, (he did not like the comment/label of “idiot” I suppose.) After his interruption, I continued on, “he is an idiot; just a puppet, I do not care about him. (pause) NO. I do not want to kill the President. I want the whole administration held accountable for their actions.”

Soon after, the FBI spoke with me. They wanted to know about my pending trip to Iraq. I asked him if he read my blog (yes), then you know everything about it already.
Now heres the kicker! I will not say who said what, but from the crowd of local law enforcement (SWAT), FBI, Secret Service, U.S. Marshals and ATF that showed up that day, and I spoke to them all except the ATF, most agreed with the claim being made by we, the “Truthers” their own research points to no law to force the American people to pay Federal Income Tax. One even commented “the U.S. is an empire, enjoy the ride while it last, when the day comes to pick a side I will.”
Most if them did not know that the Federal Reserve is a Private Bank. All were shocked.

The whole raid on me was just stupid. U.S. Marshal Monier had told my father if he (my father) got me out of there ( Eds) then I would be fine. Monier also stated he wanted to talk to me.
Ed Brown kicked me out/asked me to leave because my fathers talks with him. (I was never around for them, I was visiting with guests) Plain and simple, Ed said I was the spawn of my father (I could not agree with that [more]!) so therefore I was a Godless communist. So I had to leave. Now this was a shock, since my father is the one that sent me to Sunday school, and had been married by the church. But I was a guest and my stay was over. New found friend Lisa M. escorted me to Vermont the very night my father and brother left. I called my father the next day. He told me that Monier would want to talk to me. After everything NO WAY I trusted them. Besides he wanted me out and I was out. I moved on, as all of you know.
I never hid the facts of what was going on with me. [The] only reason why I never said where I was, was because of the others that feared I bring federal eyes on them. It is very scary for many that are just starting to even think about standing up for their rights. Sad isn’t it? Americans afraid of their government. But lets move on. Find a way Forward…. Anyways…..Oh yeah!
Thanks for your kind thoughts and warm wishes and thanks for your prayers. but can I ask a small favor? Could you use your talks with the Lord to talk to real people here on Earth? (God KNOWS I am in trouble already! LOL) That way, you know they can maybe tell others and just maybe others like ourselves will realize that this is not the land of the free. By the way, did you know that the USA has more prisoners per a capita than any other country? Its true!

Speaking of imprisonment! Who would have thought that our own U.S.A Federal government would be my biggest supporter! They give me food (crappy!) They give me room and a bed! ( I was sleeping in my car to save money). They give me plenty of time to think (lock down) and the most important, a captive audience to speak to! (at 250% max capacity than what I was told or read in the newspaper.) PLUS staff! They ARE people, they want to know the truth. What effects the staff the most? 9/11 truth movement. What effects the people in here in the inside? The Federal Income Tax NON LAW and learning the Supreme Law of the Land, which is our Constitution.
Want to know something that is interesting? A good 75%-85% of the people in prison are in for drugs or drug related “crimes.” Want to know something else of interest? By our Constitution, drugs are not even illegal! In fact! Drugs themselves are not illegal either! Only the classification they fall under! Yet! What “DRUG” kills and hurts most people in our country? It is a toss up between beer/alcohol and you guessed them…. cigarettes!

So you see, these are the sort of people we need. You question that idea? Then you question the judgment of the U.S.A Federal government when they stocked the U.S. Navy with prisoners to work the ships back in the day, Now it is the worlds only Blue Navy! Of course lets not forget about my fellow shipmates that I myself served under, perhaps even you as well in the Army and Marines Corps. [It] was not that long ago if you broke the law you had a choice, Military or Prison.

Now not everyone sees what is happening. Least not right away and they counter with, “why do you do this?” my answer; “For my children.” Their response after the shock of learning I have four children is this;”You should be at home with them.” I smile. I ask if they have kids of their own, most refuse to answer (corrections officers, trying to be sneaky) Then I ask them, “Would you want YOUR CHILDREN to fight this battle? This scares you, you would leave it to fall on them?
My children… since we are in the topic of children, two quotes come to mind. The first; “To fear for your/oneself is selfish ( William Booth). The 2nd is from the Movie to Catch a Fire, ” When my children speak of me, they will say ‘Here was a a man that saw that something must be done and did something’ what will your children say about you?” (main character/Freedom Fighter).

I stood up to show the world there are people who are not afraid; and People raised their heads up then I was thrown in jail and the people ducked down and ran for cover.
That was good practice for combat! well done… (LOL)

I am in here, not them. I was placed in here to be kept silent. I will not be.
I didn’t raise my children to be silent. I encouraged them to speak out when something was wrong. This “silence” I “considered” to save my skin… that is not me! This is not the example I want them to follow. This is not the example I will set for the Movement.
Believe it or not I became involved in all of this because of my “PEACE EFFORTS” to end the Iraq War. The 9/11 truth movement has hard facts that what happened to the “Twin Towers” was an inside job.

Since we are talking about the Iraq War (which was declared “over” by Bush himself in 2005 on an aircraft carrier). I was given/shared information just before my arrest and was not able to blog about it. It is a few weeks old now, but research the events in the past weeks and see for yourself how they add up.
This month and next will be the bloodiest for “both sides” and in both wars Iraq and in Afghanistan. U.S. Death toll will sky rocket. So sad. These coming holidays will be hard for many more families around the world. Not just for the new deaths but the high death count will hit those who suffered loss before. In case you forgot; for every death there is reported there are 1,000s more injured and I am not talking cuts and scrapes…. oh yeah I nearly forgot, who even knows how many more of our boys and girls will get sicker, adding to the unknown number already exposed to depleted uranium (DU).

Who am I to make a stand? No one special, which is why you can too, How do I do it? Baby steps, you can catch up!

If not I, then who?
If not now, then when?

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