ICarry.org Starts Gun Owners Fellowship

From ICarry.org:

ICarry.org has launched one of its newest initiatives to support gun owners and the lawful exercise of gun rights. The Gun Owners Fellowship is a private group of nationwide responsible, law-abiding gun owners — with open application beginning this week — who commit to one another in the event of unlawful arrest and illegal prosecution.

It’s no secret among gun owners that they are particularly susceptible to wrongful arrest and prosecution, simply for exercising their rights to own and carry firearms in accordance with the law. Arrest and prosecution – and most importantly the financial consequences associated with ensuring a proper legal defense – are used as a political weapon by anti-rights individuals in positions of power.

ICarry.org founder Shaun Kranish knows this well, after being charged with a felony for having a valid Illinois Firearms Owner Identification Card, and carrying an unloaded pistol in a container precisely as Illinois law prescribes. He even carried a letter from his attorney containing the actual law!! That didn’t stop anti-rights politicians in the courts from taking the original misdemeanor charges and upping them to felony charges. These charges were eventually dismissed, after over a year and tens of thousands of dollars later.

ICarry.org also receives regular contact from people in Illinois and even outside of Illinois who have encountered similar mistreatment by law enforcement and the courts. Lives of law-abiding gun owners are being tragically uprooted each and every day. We’re not talking about criminals – we’re talking about upstanding, law-abiding citizens here!!!

The Gun Owners Fellowship seeks to even the playing field by removing this financial threat and the life-changing consequences that can come with it. By sticking together, gun owners take away this burden, have a little peace of mind, and freely and more securely exercise some of their most important rights.

For more information and to apply when registration opens, please visit: http://www.ICarry.org and click on Gun Owners Fellowship on the left. We hope you might consider joining us 🙂

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