Gun Owners Fellowship Introductory Price Ends in 3 Days

Dear Users,

I hope that you and your family had a wonderfully Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, or other and likewise that you will have a Happy New Year as we approach the beginning of 2009.

I am sending this email to let you know about a new initiative to protect gun owners throughout the country.  If you are a gun owner who may need support because you exercise that right, or if you would like to support gun owners, there is simply no better way to do it.

The Gun Owners Fellowship ( is a private support network of gun owners across the country.  Should any single member of the network face unlawful/illegal arrest, false charges, or other persecution for exercising their right to own, carry, or use firearms for self-defense, the support network could help by raising some or even ALL of the funds needed for legal defense.  It works on this simple concept: the people who make up the network and are therefore eligible for the support are the same people who provide the support.  100 members can each chip in $20 to raise $2,000 for example.

If you own a gun in modern-day America, you cannot afford to pass this opportunity by.  For only $29.99 you can become a LIFETIME member of the Fellowship and never have to pay another penny except in the circumstance that a member really needs and deserves your help.  Then you would only be asked for an equally-apportioned amount just like all the other members of the network.

We are also helping a handicapped man who suffers from cerebral palsy, walks with a cane, and has legally and lawfully carried a firearm in Chicago (unloaded and enclosed in a case) for years.  He was unlawfully arrested and charged with…well…doing exactly what Illinois law says to do.  We are giving him $10 per membership and have helped raise well over $1,500 for his defense fund so far!!!  So if you apply today and become a lifetime member for only $29.99 we will give him $10 of that.

Unfortunately, this introductory price ends after 12/31/08.  So 1/1/09 it will be doubling to $59.99.  The $10 per membership fundraiser for Chris Morley also ends.  I feel bad that it took me so long to let the users know about this deal, so I can extend the $29.99 price an extra week — so it will be good through 1/7/09.  If you right now and sign up it will cost that price, but after 1/1/09 it will be $59.99 and you will have to tell me that you heard about it through and i can refund half of the price.

It may sound confusing, but it’s not.  Try to sign up before the end of the year though and that will be the easiest.  If you ever carry a gun, hunt, or simply go to the range…you should really consider this.  Through my other website,, I receive regular phone calls from people who have been victimized by the so-called authorities.  I was very distressed at the horror stories, so I decided to do something about it.  Now we can provide immediate assistance for people who run into this type of persecution for exercising a Constitutionally-protected right.

Thanks for your consideration and hope to see you in the Fellowship.  Once again have a wonderful New Year and take care and be safe.

Sincerely yours,

Shaun Kranish

Founder,,, and the Gun Owners Fellowship

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