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Mi Notebook Air First Xiaomi Laptop

Xiaomi chose to offer a laptop because it saw an opportunity in the market to deliver a laptop that has the perfect balance between performance and portability. The second is to due to the low selling price an easier entry level for young adults to get a good laptop to buy.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air laptop comes in two versions

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air

From this website: The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air laptop which runs on Windows 10, comes in two different versions. One with a 13.3-inch screen and a 12.5-inch screen. Both in an even slimmer execution than the MacBook Air from Apple. The laptops have a 1080 p display, an illuminated keyboard, a USB connector and the laptops are available in silver or gold, in which there is no logo is present on the outside.

Of course, there are different between the Mi Notebook Air laptops. Thus, the ‘ more powerful ‘ larger implementation an Intel Core i5 processor with a NVIDIA GeForce 940MX video card. Furthermore, the laptop 8 GB DDR4 working memory and 256 GB SSD storage. This stronger execution will for $750. The smaller “portable” implementation weighs just over a kilo but runs on an Intel Core M3 CPU. With 4 GB memory and 128 GB SSD storage.

Like the other implementation, this is also an additional space for new hardware, but this has got to be by Xiaomi produced. There are one USB connector and an HDMI port. This Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air laptop is on sale for about $550. The Mi Notebook Air laptops appear on 2 August in the Chinese shops.

Or we can buy in Europe ever Air the Mi Notebook is currently unclear. The two models are from 2 August for sale in China. But Xiaomi has not yet let you know if it also wants to offer laptops outside their own national borders.

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iPad Pro 2 Released

Apple wants to renew its entire line of iPad Pro launching three new models in March of next year, said Barclays Research analysts cite as a source to employees of the firm supplying chains, the La Tercera newspaper reported. Three new tablets from Apple would be in three dimensions: a classic iPad’s 9.7 inches, an update to the largest 12.9 version inches and the novelty of 10.9 inches, no framework or “Home” button.

Therefore, the classic “home” key would be eliminated. Regarding the iPad Pro 12.9 inches, this should have a display True Tone, which has already been implemented in the current iPad Pro of 9.7 inches. Four speakers should be inserted in three models and it should continue to exist the classical connector jack of 3.5 mm. 12 MP iSight cameras may also be.

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPad in January 2010, the bet was clearly defined as a device that would be between the Smartphone and the computer. The bet has grown and in its latest version, premiered recently in Chile, looking to compete with computers through technical power and easy use. He is the iPad of 9.7-inch Pro (last year Apple debuted a first Pro model with display of 12.9), a change that, although maintaining a fairly similar to the previous exterior design, has changes inside allowing sessions of use longer and, thanks to Accessories, allowing a more similar to a PC use.

Let us start by internal changes. Just as it did with the larger Pro, Apple used in this model the A9X chip, which allows good performance in any type of application. Through enhancements released in iOS 9 last year, now the tablet can have two applications on the screen at the same time to what you can add a floating video window. All of this works without problems, even with programs that demand more capacity, such as photos and videos and games with advanced graphics editors.

iPad Pro 2 Tutorial

In general use, is certainly the best iPad that has made Apple since the release of the team six years ago. And also included grateful changes such as four speakers (one in each corner), instead of a single output as it has been since the first iPad, and a new screen that technology suits the tone of the display lighting in the environment. Another important detail is the support for accessories that extend the experience of the iPad.

Read also iPad Pro Tutorial. The first and most useful is a cover with a physical keyboard connected to a new magnetic port next to the tablet. Covered with keyboard there are many, but this does not have a battery that needs to be loaded and works pretty well despite the compressed size of the deployment of keys, although if a row of function buttons, we miss as they usually offer some manufacturers of Bluetooth keyboards.

The other accessory is the Apple Pencil. While Steve Jobs was an enemy of such instruments, Pencil Yes offers some interesting features, particularly for those who are dedicated to drawing and graphic design, in combination with Adobe or Autodesk programs. For the rest, apart from an occasional use, it will not be an absolutely necessary tool.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 With Fingerprint Reader

Not fit doubt that with the Samsung Galaxy S8 the company Korean has that give a blow on the table after it happened with the Galaxy Note 7. And, get this, have it very clear in the Korean company that prepares very important innovations both in hardware and in the functionality of different integrated accessories such as for example the own fingerprint reader.

Galaxy S8 With Fingerprint

Once it has been known that the curved screen will be starting in the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and that the main hardware will be evolved to, for example, provide variants with 8 GB, this model will have news on the fingerprint reader that would make that it can leave the Home button, and therefore seek a more suitable location in what concerns the ergonomics and accessibility. A success, there is no doubt that sometimes the place that now occupies on the S7 is not the most comfortable.

And, to achieve this, in the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be integrated for the first time optical technology that allows nearly infinite possibilities racing you’re the of ultrasound to use currently Xiaomi. The case is that it is possible from integrating the fingerprint reader on the screen as in the Cabinet, so the limit for designers is just your imagination.

The first in the market fingerprint

This is really important since it is something always manufacturers looking for their high-end models: being the first, and therefore differential. He Samsung Galaxy S8 it will get with this added for one of those accessories that are has become in usual due to its security that provides and, also, by their spacious options of management and manipulation. By the way, first tests performed with optical technology reports that it is faster and more accurate than the ultrasound, but this must be checked when the Samsung Galaxy S8 gets in the game.

The fact is that it appears that the efforts of the Korean giant to do sexy Samsung Galaxy S8 will track, including offers, and all with confirmation that there will be a Galaxy Note 8 the coming year. Now you need to see the response of the market, but we must not forget that this manufacturer has launched several of the best smartphones and phablets have ever seen, as well as the introduction of new products like the S Pen / curve display on the two sides.

Nintendo NX Release Date


Finally, Nintendo released Nintendo Switch for their new games console. You can find the manual and guide of this device here.

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), was very popular in Asia and America because of Super Mario Bros game in the past decades. There’s always special place for Nintendo for gamers. That’s why everything new about Nintendo becomes easily popular. April 2016, Nintendo announced some big news about the upcoming new NX games console (which is still a codename).

They announced that the release date for the upcoming new NX games console will be in March 2017. This information based on an official statement of Nintendo said that Nintendo previously announced that it would release more information about its next system, code-named NX, this year. As the first announcement of any NX information, Nintendo confirmed that NX is scheduled to launch in March 2017.

As we all know, the news about Nintendo NX was announced firstly in March 2015. After a long expectation of Nintendo NX (code name) since the announcement, now we have to hold our curiosity much more longer about the upcoming Nintendo NX until the release date which is scheduled to be globally launched in March 2017. The company must have reasons why the release date must be in March 2017, include some good reason that they still working on it. there’s nothing we can do about the release date, but we still have a chance to have many expectations about the upcoming Nintendo NX. Hopefully it will be totally different with the previous released product that it can really hit the market. But of course it is undoubted that if then the upcoming Nintendo release date is change to be in this year.

Several Nintendo games are so legendary, from years to years. Great innovation in game technology then put Nintendo in a high competition. The legend must have something special for the market to keep its legendary games. Total innovation and development must be the main priority on working the upcoming Nintendo NX. There are so many questions about the upcoming Nintendo NX. How we really keep a big question about its appearance, about Nintendo’s new mystery console, and what are there in the mystery Nintendo, and more about everything. Hopefully Nintendo is keeping a great amazement for its launching, so that all people who love this will be totally satisfied. Until then, we are about serving everything we have about the most expected Nintendo NX. when we have anything new about it, we won’t wait any longer to share it to you.