The Samsung Galaxy S8 With Fingerprint Reader

Not fit doubt that with the Samsung Galaxy S8 the company Korean has that give a blow on the table after it happened with the Galaxy Note 7. And, get this, have it very clear in the Korean company that prepares very important innovations both in hardware and in the functionality of different integrated accessories such as for example the own fingerprint reader.

Galaxy S8 With Fingerprint

Once it has been known that the curved screen will be starting in the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and that the main hardware will be evolved to, for example, provide variants with 8 GB, this model will have news on the fingerprint reader that would make that it can leave the Home button, and therefore seek a more suitable location in what concerns the ergonomics and accessibility. A success, there is no doubt that sometimes the place that now occupies on the S7 is not the most comfortable.

And, to achieve this, in the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be integrated for the first time optical technology that allows nearly infinite possibilities racing you’re the of ultrasound to use currently Xiaomi. The case is that it is possible from integrating the fingerprint reader on the screen as in the Cabinet, so the limit for designers is just your imagination.

The first in the market fingerprint

This is really important since it is something always manufacturers looking for their high-end models: being the first, and therefore differential. He Samsung Galaxy S8 it will get with this added for one of those accessories that are has become in usual due to its security that provides and, also, by their spacious options of management and manipulation. By the way, first tests performed with optical technology reports that it is faster and more accurate than the ultrasound, but this must be checked when the Samsung Galaxy S8 gets in the game.

The fact is that it appears that the efforts of the Korean giant to do sexy Samsung Galaxy S8 will track, including offers, and all with confirmation that there will be a Galaxy Note 8 the coming year. Now you need to see the response of the market, but we must not forget that this manufacturer has launched several of the best smartphones and phablets have ever seen, as well as the introduction of new products like the S Pen / curve display on the two sides.

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